Sie brauchen nur einen SAK-Reinigungskabel unabhängig von den Kalibern.

A great way to bring your gun cleaning equipment along to the forest!

Now you can clean your guns, rifles, and shotguns with one cleaning tool! .22LR-12 (shotguns)

SAK- cleaning wire works fine with normal European and American (8-32) brushes and European shotgun brushes.
- We sell SAK-cleaning wire with WFG-type cleaning adapter that you can clean your rifle with suitable size of filters. So, you can clean calibers from .22-.50 with the same SAK- cleaning wire.
- Also with semi-auto or full-auto rifles, you can easily clean from the backside
- The tincan is waterproof so you can keep batteries safely.

Really useful when you have several weapons of different calibers to be cleaned (with Boresnake cleaner you need to have one for each different caliber). Moreover, cleaning the rifle's barrel with WFG type filter is extremely fast and produces good results.

Working length 900mm (0.9m).

SAK Reinigungsdraht für Gewehre


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