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Updated: 31/08/2019

1. Can I get an Ultra Alfa silencer in 85 millimeters with a SAKO 308 15x1?

Yes you can, notice that the damping power is pretty low but many have even liked the caliber 6.5x 55.

2. Have you tested whether there is much difference in an 85mm or 105mm silencer?

Yksi kammio siinä tulee lisää. Satanen on kyllä mukava esim. .308lle. 85mmstä eräskin 6.5x 55 ampuja kehui hyväksimutta ei se tietty mikään vaimennin ole perimmäisessä mielessä.

3. I ordered a silencer over a month ago. How in the world can it take so long to deliver?

If your order seems to be staying longer than normal, please inquire about your order by email or call us. If the product is in stock, we will deliver it for transport within 3 days -1 week. Often, however, even on the same day. Please note that Itella Oy does not transport mufflers, for example, so they are sent via Matkahuolto. If we do not receive a telephone number with the order, Matkahuolto will not announce the package but must inquire about it.

4. I have an Ultra Alfa tele 200mm long. Where can I get the key to use for decryption?

The 150mm and 200mm teles can be easily disassembled with two keys from a large angle grinder.
The easiest way to open the silencer is if the second key is in the vise so that you can easily twist the silencer open with the second key and fasten it tightly enough after cleaning.

5. Years ago, I bought a SAK cleaning stick. I found it to be somewhat crooked. Do I have to buy a new one or can it be twisted more straight?

Adjusting the stick from time to time is easy to do yourself but you shouldn’t go twisting to straighten because then straightening is really hard. Take the handle of the wand in your right hand and raise the wand at eye level, rotating the wand with your right hand against the sky you will easily notice when the “throw” of the wand rises. With your left hand, grasp the stick with your palm facing up. Pushing the palm from below and at the same time raising it only slightly, the stick straightens easily.