Small and light

Along with a little dimensioning and guidance for the Pocket moderator.

Weight: 100g
Length: 80mm
Diameter: 34.5 mm
For caliber: .17HMR, .22, .22 Magnum
Thread: 1/2-20UNF or 1/2-28UNEF

Attenuator with two Picatinny rails The Pocket Moderator can be mounted directly on the barrel of the gun or on the front of the SAK moderator. Also, two Pockets can be installed sequentially to improve damping power. (Because of the high production volume of SAK moderator, straightness must be checked before shooting).

Picatinny adjustable, for example, at 6 or 12, depending on the target used (the target can be Red Point, Holo, Laser, Flashlight).

- Installation instructions: attach the Pocket moderator to the gun normally, loosen the front nut, turn the Pica rail to the desired position, make a pencil line to the body and tube, remove the moderator from the gun, check the line and tighten the front nut. The target used now is always in the same position for the gun.

sak pocket silencer patented by Oulun Työstökeskus Oy
sak pocket silencer

SAK Pocket Silencer


Outside of Finland, suppressors are not sold directly to individual customer. Please ask from your dealer or contact us if you would like to become our wholesaler.

Great device for shooting precisely in the dark, secure shooting for example while cave hunting

SAK Pocket moderator