Small and light

A Pocket silencer has two Picatinny rails on it and you can adjust the place to be 12 / 6 o'clock or 3 / 9 o'clock.

Weight: 100g
Length: 80mm
Diam.: 34,5mm
Caliber: .17HMR, .22, .22 Magnum
Threadings: 1/2-20UNF and 1/2-28UNEF

You can use as one silencer or 2 Pocket silencers together to decrease 35dB.
It is possible to mount a SAK silencer to the front of the SAK Pocket silencer to decrease 35dB.

sak pocket silencer patented by Oulun Työstökeskus Oy
sak pocket silencer

SAK Pocket Silencer


Outside of Finland, suppressors are not sold directly to individual customer. Please ask from your dealer or contact us if you would like to become our wholesaler.

Great device for shooting precisely in the dark, secure shooting for example while cave hunting

Possible to mount directely on the rifles thread or on the SAK silencers front nut
For calibers: .17, .22, .22 Magnum up to .30
Adjustable, easy to mount and unmount
Outer dimensions: diam. 35mm, length 43mm, weight only 90g!
Easy to use rotary switch on the body
Very compact, no loose cables
Mounting threads: 1/2-20UNF, 1/2-28UNEF or M14x1

SAK FocusPoint